Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lauren's First Post

It is hard to believe that Abby and I have only known each other for just a little over a year. We met last year because I had the privilege of joining her second grade team about a week before school started. Having just graduated from college a few months prior, I was relatively naive regarding the adventure I was about to embark on last year. I can now say with not a doubt in my mind that I was blessed and fortunate to have the best first year I could have ever imagined. I learned so very much as an educator and as a person. I thoroughly enjoyed my children (truth be told, I fell in love with them), and while I may be biased, I believe I worked on one of the best grade level teams ever. Well, forwarding ahead to this year, Abby and I continue to talk, dine, and enjoy each other quite regularly even though regrettably, we are not working together any longer. Abby is persistent to say the least, and after many requests, here I am joining her on her blog. As you all know , Abby is great-she inspires me to be a better teacher and challenges me to think a little differently, a little deeper, and always with children as the focus of perfecting our art and science as teachers. While I must admit blogging sounds a little nerve racking to me, (I really am not the biggest fan of writing), I know it will be a great learning experience for me. Truly, I am looking forward to reflecting on my experience as a first grade teacher through this new medium with all of you.



Karen S. said...

Lauren, I am so glad you are joining Abby on the blogging adventure. You have so much to share with others.
I look forward to reading about your thinking, learning and teaching.

katied said...

Yeah Lauren!!! I am so looking forward to checking in with both of you two! Welcome.

Mary Lee said...

Welcome, Lauren! I look forward to meeting you on Saturday!

Franki said...

Welcome Lauren! So glad you are joining the blog group!

sexy said...