Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

This book was recommended by a friend of mine. I cannot thank her enough. This read aloud quickly became one of our favorites after we made it through the first couple chapters (which for some reason seemed a little dry- perhaps due to the fact we started it after finishing Tale of Despereaux which we also really loved). The Really Great Whangdoodle is a story about three children and a corky genentics professor's journey to Whangdoodleland in search of the last Whangdoodle. With a little preparation and lots of determination and imagination, the children succeeded in their quest. The story is full of wonderful descriptions, strong characters and interesting words. The professor offers advice throughout the story that provided wonderful conversations. For example- "Know that beyond every ordinary explanation, there is a deeper and more exciting discovery to be made" and "The best remedy for a bad scare is to turn right around and face whatever frightened you." I can't wait to pass this little gem to the next unsuspecting reader.....warning-once you start-it will be hard to stop.