Monday, April 20, 2009

Authentic Teacher

After reading (and loving) the Twilight series- I discovered that I am a huge fan of teen/young adult literature. Yesterday, I started reading Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr after reading wonderful things about it on several blogs. I have not finished yet (I will blog when I do) but I LOVE it so far.

Anyways- Franki and Mary Lee at A Year of Reading always take note when they come across a special teacher in literature and Wicked Lovely has got one!! I am currently taking a class where we always end up talking about the possibilities of the workshop model at the high school level. I am absolutely an advocate for it and was blessed to have experienced it myself with my senior level literature course. It sounds like Sister Mary Louise (High School English Teacher in Wicked Lovely) has the right idea. Here is an excerpt on why Sister Mary Louise is Aislinn's (the main character) favorite teacher:

"It was one of the reasons the class was Aislinn's favorite: Sister Mary Louise didn't simply launch into a lecture. She got them talking, and then she slipped in her points, revealing every bit as much information, but with more style than any of the other teachers."

Student led discussion and learning is powerful whether the student is two or seventeen.

I'll keep you posted on Wicked Lovely. So far- it is a WOW!