Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Meme 2008

Franki and Mary Lee at A Year of Reading (trying to figure out how to add links to my blog- HELP!!) tagged me for my summer goals of 2008. I always find setting goals (and making lists in general) refreshing, particularly right as summer gets started as I find myself losing focus due to the feeling that I have too many things to focus on. I am thinking this list will help me prioritize, my professional and personal (which is super busy this summer) lives. So thanks ladies for providing some focus....

Summer Goals 2008:
1. Stay sane on the road to getting married on July 5th
2. Find a rug for my living room
3. Revamp my Word Study Program
4. Rearrange/organize my classroom library
5. READ more professionally and simply for the love of reading....
6. Do not add anymore items to my goals for now as it will defeat my purpose to focus.


Karen said...

Sounds like you have some great plans for the summer. Stay in touch.

Stella said...

I like number 6 Abby...ha ha....good one. Good luck with everything you want to do this summer. It was really nice meeting you girl!

Karen said...

Great goals, and good luck with the wedding! Enjoy every moment!

Cathy said...

I am curious about your word study program. Is it something you created for your own class or something you read about and are implementing in your class? I tried redoing what I do in my own classroom this year, but am always wanting to grow and do better for the future classes. We adopted Words Their Way as our spelling program, but I also have the big purple book.

My e-mail is or you could post on my blog or post here...whichever is easiest.

And congratulations early on your upcoming wedding!

Mary Lee said...

Links 101:

When you are composing a post, you've got that toolbar thingie that allows you to change text size, bold the text, make itallics, choose text color, and then there's that chain LINK looking thing right before the right, center, left justify stuff. If you want to make a link, highlight some text (blog name, book title, whatever) and click on the link icon. A window will pop up where you can type in the url of that site, click ok, and voila! a link is born.

Rather than risking a typo in your link, open another browser window, go to the site you want to link to, copy the address out of the address bar, go back and click on the link icon, and then you can just paste in the address.

If you have any other questions, email me at mlhahn at earthlink dot net. Glad to help!!!