Sunday, June 8, 2008

48 Hour Read Kick Off

So I had every intention in the world of giving the 48 Hour Read my best shot this past weekend but the truth is life got in the way. I feel so torn right now. I am trying to take the time to slow down right now and let everything sink in- the end of the school year, my upcoming wedding, the new house....I am so blessed. But, of course, life has a way of getting so busy, I forget to stop and smell the roses. In this case, the 48 Hour Read, would have been the roses. Perhaps next year, I will follow the rules and actually read on the correct weekend for the 48 hours as close to non-stop as possible. This year, I make the more realistic vow to read for 48 hours in the entire month of June. The following are on my list so far (most are recommendations from friends):

1. Before I Die, By Jenny Downham (sounds kind of sad but my friend swears it has a powerful message)

2. Five Quarters of the Orange, By Joanne Harris (this is WAY out of my box but it'll be good for me)

3. Anything Sisters Grimm (I read the first one with my class and we LOVED it so I figure I will continue the story)

4. Greetings from Nowhere, By Barbara O'Connor (recommedation from my fellow Columbus bloggers)

I best get to bed so I can read.....

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