Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let's Talk Writing

Today during writing workshop, I overheard a wonderful conversation between two authors in our classroom. They are writing a story together called- The Defenders of Earth (The First). It was so amazing to listen in on their thinking as they discussed how it should begin ("Make sure we hook the reader."), the characters ("Should we web them first?") and the sequence of events. They also talked about dialogue and other aspects of the story- here's a snippet of their conversation:

Student 1: Then he said, "It's coming down to earth.
Student 2: How about we tell the reader WHAT is coming down to earth.

Student 1: Let's add ALL OF A SUDDEN before he says it to make it more suspenseful.
Student 2: Hey- we used a suffix....haha.

Student 1: What should happen next?
Student 2: Maybe we'll find a way to make this part come back up later in the story.
Student 1: Yeah- like we can make a Part 2- kind of like Tale of Despereaux.
Student 2: Cool- a mentor text.

Unbeknown to the students- I was quietly sitting at table behind them- listening- proud as punch. Not only was their knowledge of the writing process and the words they chose impressive- their love for writing and creating stories was clear. They we so excited!! Another great day doing the best job in the world.....


katied said...

What a good day and a good feeling!! Kudos to you for inspiring writers to love, understand and enjoy writing!!!See ya tomorrow!

Karen S. said...

I wish we had more time to just listen to what kids have to say.
This was a great conversation.
You have done so much to encourage these kinds of conversations in your classroom.

Isn't learning fun!